The Swiss Membership (Singapore)
Package Details

S$55 For 5 years membership

1. 10% Flat Discount (Retail & Online)
2. Birthday Month, 15% Flat Discount

Members Exclusive

1. Invitation to Food Factory Outlets
2. Special Festive Buy & Members Only Discount
3. Special Promotions on Social Media & In Store
4. Invitation to Master Classes & Educational Tours
5. Enjoy Complimentary Drinks @ Flagship Store (Tanglin Post Office)

Partners Discounts (Simply Flash the Card)

1. Mo’Mor Izakaya By W.Martin (10% Discount)
2. Jones the Grocer (10% Discount)
3. Hot Dog Inc (10% Discount)

Affiliates Specials (Simply Flash the Card)
Free Tasting Packs giveaways for purchases above S$20
T.M.S – NTUC Extra @ Jurong J.E.M Mall
T.M.S – NTUC Fairprice @ Orchard Grand Mall
T.M.S – NTUC Fairprice @ Timah Coronation Plaza

Card Replacement Fee: S$15
Membership is only applicable for in-store purchases.
Discounts does not apply to tobacco and newspaper purchases.
Discounts are also not applicable during promotions, promotional items.
For more information, please feel free to email us at

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