Chick to Chic Rosé 2015 [750ml]

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This rosé has been produced in IGP Pays d’Ocin the South of France in Languedoc region.The terroir and climate help in this region to produce elegant dry and off-dry Rosés.Freshness, Minerality, with delicate aromasof exoticsfruits and englishcandies notes.This wine is a perfectmatch with cut-cold, salads or grilled fishes. Or casually with some snacks for Aperitive! At home, at the restaurant or in bars, this Rosé will be shared in between friends in any occasions.This brand is initially dedicated to outgoingwomen, socializing, urban and active.

Size 750ml
Brand Chick To Chic
Country of Origin France
Alcohol % 12.5%

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