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Tikka Masala Paste [100g]


A smooth, creamy dish, bursting with the taste of a variety of spices commonly used in traditional Indian cuisine. This is a mild yet full-flavoured recipe which can be enjoyed by all. Contains no MSG, preservatives and artificial colouring.

With Dancing Chef™ pastes as your trusted companion in the kitchen, you can look forward to a hassle-free cooking preparation. The convenient pastes contain no MSG, preservatives or artificial colouring. Each paste is versatile to use or cook as a marinade, ingredient, soup base and more.

Dancing Chef™ has a wide range of easy-to-use pastes – from popular flavours like laksa to pineapple rice and Thai seafood sauce. There is also a wide variety of curry pastes that will appeal to all taste buds.

Size 100g / Pkt
Brand Dancing Chef
Country of Origin Thailand
Onion, sunflower oil, tomato paste, salt, fennel, Ginger, garlic, turmeric, chili, garam masala, Coriander seeds.