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Party Pack

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Original Price $115.10
Current Price $89.90
  • SB Chicken Cheese Sausage Smoked [220g (5pcs)] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Pork Frankfurter [350g (5pcs)] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Spicy Italian Sausage [580g (5pcs)] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Black Forest Ham [300g] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Premium Smoked Turkey Ham [300g] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Premium Honey Baked Ham [300g] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Truffle Salami [130g] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Chorizo Salami [130g] x 1 Pkt
  • SB Italian Parma Ham [100g] x 1 Pkt
  • Whole Green Sicilian Olives 200g x 2 Pkts
  • Carrs Original Table Water Crackers 125g X 2 Pkts
  • Global Seasons Dehydrated Cranberry 250g X 1 Pkt

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