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SB Beef Pastrami [200-250g]


Our deli-style beef pastrami is made by brining beef in a mixture of salt, sugar, and spices for up to a week, then it is often seasoned with a dry spice rub and allowed to dry for several days before being smoked over the course of several hours.

General characteristics:
Cured Beef, Restructured, Marinated, Dark Red Color, Coarse Pepper Coated, Chilled

Ingredients list:
Beef, Potato Starch, Salt, Spices, Sugar, Spice Extracts

Allergen: Isolated Soy Protein

Allergen Advice: Due to harvesting and processing procedures, the product may contain traces of nuts, gluten and lactose

Size 200-250g / Pkt, Normal Slice
Brand Swiss Butchery
Country of Origin Singapore
Shelf Life 7 Days
Condition Chilled (1-4°C)